First Circuit bending show, CB, Lonely Hearts burlesque

I played my first Circuit bent show at Cafe Alex.

I was playing my Gameboy advance with Nanoloop, an alesis Air FX, a Kaos Pad, into some boss pedals, a New LOOP Feedback pedal from Napalm ( a guy from the UK) and 3 circuit bent instrument I have made.

I have had a few workshops with circuit bending, I am having good times with potentiometers and capacitors. 🙂

The show was very fun and at Cafe Alex. I have got to thank Caleb and WORK for sharing the stage and Bernie who rocked our socks off with a kick ass cover band of BE Your Own pet. they played all the best songs and i danced and moshed happily.

Also Clucking Blossom: I am playing at 4:40 with Melissa Buchta helping me make up songs- and Jennifer Harmon on violin. I will also be there all day, enjoying the music, drawing anyone who wants a free drawing, and demonstrating circuit bending for the uninitiated…

I am Music director for Lonely hearts burlesque. I am looking for a bass player and a drummer… The shows will be in July at the Gold Rush Saloon.

We will performing classic burlesque songs from showtunes, we have 8 or 9 girls who do dances singing, striptease and comedy. I will do some some stand up comedy and I am helping write and direct the comedy sketches.




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