MAY 22, new drawings from “Anthropic Principle Lullabye”


It has been a LONG time since I posted, but coming soon are new articles about Clucking Blossom. I will post here my interviews with rock stars and cd reviews. Ok? ok.

I recently performed at CB6 (may 15), playing piano with Craig Brookes (Paper Scissors) and I performed my performance art piece “the Anthropic Principle Lullabye”…. Imagine Walt Whitman’s Song of myself updated for the 2000s! Here are some of the images from it.

Also, I am performing at a benefit to raise money for “Angry Young and Poor” which will be held July 24. I will do some of my more adult comics, some stand up comedy and some songs. That’s this Friday (the 22) at The Marlin at 10. I will try to play early, we can probably also expect sets from Craig Brookes and Chuck Bainered… who else?? You have to show up to see. its just 5 bucks and it helps to go towards the cost of a FREE music Festival .

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