A new article about me

I am playing a few more shows

first off:

Hosting open mic night at the marlin this wednesday. then saturday the 17 is the return of PAPER SCISSORS, now with Dan Vogel of “Paragrpahs” on drums and EJ Skinner of “Work” on the bass. Exciting. We play at 5:15 at Angry Young and Poor with many great bands, free at Ester community park. We are also playing Friday July 30 at The Marlin and Thursday August 12 at the fair.

There are also a few other shows,

this tuesday is “Saucy Yoda” and Mythological Horses at the marlin for 5$. Saucy Yoda is fantastic, I reccommend her highly. “I got the mic in the right and the beer in the left” I can’t wait to hear new material from her! I have her cd and listen to it all the time, but have to skip it when kids are around!

Also I am playing somewhere in Skagway thursday july 22 or friday july 23.

AND my band “night of the Iguana” is opening for Emma Hill thursday the 29 at the marlin. FUN. we get to see a rare set from Rebecca Menzia File, who hasn’t played many solo shows since joining Feeding Frenzy. I will do an interview with Mrs. Hill and write up a review of her show for Performer magazine.

Thank you to Jeff Richardson for this very kind and flattering article he wrote about me.

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