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Paragraphs (Minneapolis, MN)
Come Nap With Us
Recorded by Jacob Grun, Ryan Maier, & Amy Daml. Mixed by Jacob Grun & Ryan Maier. Mastered by Arun Antonyraj.

Paragraphs improve on their previous album You Can’t Make a Ghost Without its Sheet with a collection of five songs, each over six minutes, each a vibrant soundscape.
The album begins with arpeggio guitars and bells, haunting vocals come around three minutes in. The reverb is heavy on guest vocalist Jacob Grun Me and My Arrow)  and his relaxed delivery compliments the mood.
“Believeverything” has a bouncy delay on Chris Polley’s guitar and murmurs of math rock sensibility. This track reminds me of El ten Eleven in its scope and sound.
“We Talk About Enemies More Than We Used To” has a pop sound bringing to mind early Euphone recordings.  It changes gears at 1:48, from shoegazy rock to a thundering march, with a repeating optimistic guitar lick.
“Donna Martin Graduates” has more guitar gymnastics and a build from Dan Vogel’s drums. Suddenly at 5:31 the piece breaks away, and breathy synths and organs from Brigitte Mussack’s keyboard allow us to soar through the air.

The most exciting track is the last, “The Dead Of Night Has Never Felt More Alive,”  has many enticing changes, a crackling white noise that teases to steal attention from acoustic guitars and melodica. This track reminds me of Mum and Dntel in equal measures. This album is both delicate and playful. There is restraint from overcrowding the ears with excessive layers, and the pieces would be great in the background of  an indie film, one with snow, and people.

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Here is a collection of bands I have seen recently, enjoy. Included is Saucy Yoda, Bitshifter, Lavoy, Octopus Project, Whiskey Tango and many others

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