Clucking Blossom is nearly upon us.

May 21 is Clucking Blossom.
Its a free outdoor Festival at Birch Hill Recreation area, May 21 noon to midnight.
Confirmed Bands include Sweating Honey, Let’s Hotbox a Delorean, The Jeffreys, Eating For Two, and The Phineas Gage.
There are also  art supplies to create and decorate your clothes, a kids zone (maybe with baby goats in a petting zoo?), an indoor Metal stage, a free market, an art walk in the woods, information booths from local non profits and much more!

I will be walking around drawing portraits of anyone who wants one and giving them away.
This is a 7 year tradition in Fairbanks and like the previous years it is free.
Of course it isn’t free to rent the space or pay for the security, the sound gear and the insurance. The only way this comes together is with pluck and vigor, passion and a whole lot of volunteers! We don’t usually have out of town bands play because without a cover charge or corporate sponsorship there is no budget to play the bands.

So what kind of a festival is it? I have been to Bumbershoot , CMJ, and South By Southwest and the one thing I would notice is there is a complete absence of corporate logos! There is no “Starbucks” stage or “Rockstar sponsored events” it’s all by us for us: and by us I mean the people of Fairbanks. If you want to help now or perform in future years, you TOTALLY CAN!! Because its YOUR FESTIVAL.
I will post more as it comes to me, here are two flyers I made for the event. Feel free to print them and post them.
I will be back with photos of the event, photos of my portraits, drawings of the bands, and some notes to review their performances. There are many special things planned. we have just 2 more meetings before the event, tonight-wednesday the 11 at clucking blossom, next wednesday and next friday we will construct the stage and put together the ART WALK.

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