Willis Fireball, Avery Wolves, Feeding Frenzy, Pretty Birds that Kill

Willis played with John Keech and Caressa at a house party in Fairbanks last week. It was a fantastic show, he played his originals, songs about traveling, Caressa songs, Mountain Goat songs and even a Muldoonies cover! He hasn’t played in Fairbanks for years and it was a real treat to see him live. He most recent album “Secret Grey City” is a real treat from start to finish. One to listen to as a whole album.

The Avery Wolves are a fantastic Rockabilly band. One thing I love about them is that their drummer plays standing up, and their bass player has made his own bass. They have fantastic fast energetic songs including “Psychobilly Jesus!” I have seen many incarnations of Nathan’s bands before, including “Black Noir,” and “Aces and Eights.” It has always been good but his current incarnation is fantastic and very tattooed.

Feeding Frenzy is Fairbanks’ current Best Band. I said it- they are much adored and rightly so. Acoustic, with hints of bluegrass and Appalachian folk. Its danceable, its sentimental, its very fun and sweet. Ephy plays cello and violin, Rebecca plays the melodica. Daniel Firmin could grab an audiences attention, make everyone shut up and give him their ears.

Pretty Birds that Kill play fun dancey electro party music. They spent a year in Chicago and toured the states and they are back in Alaska. They play at  Trapper Creek Music Fest on August 14.  They performed a live concert at KSUA, and it will be available on the web soon.

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One thought on “Willis Fireball, Avery Wolves, Feeding Frenzy, Pretty Birds that Kill

  1. fireball says:

    hey, why didn’t i know about this web place?!?!? typical, i have to be on it to find it. what a narsisyphus. nice work, isaac.

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