Lenka Dusilova and Sabe Flores

I was fortunate enough to be an audience member at a concert the other night with Lenka Dusilova and Sabe Flores.

Sabe’s originals are fun and full of spice. She plays the cello aggressively, with perfect control of arpeggios, coaxing pleasant squeaks and potent growls out of her instrument. It shows that she developed her chops playing Bach and other challenging classical composers.

Lenka sang mostly in her native Czech. Her voice is fantastic, and she used a looping pedal to layer her voice, subtly manipulating delay and reverb to emphasize and complement her vocal experiments. With the looping pedal she created chords of her own voice. It was impressive to hear a choir of Lenkas channeling energy from the past, bringing it to the present.
Her compositions reminded me of many of my favorite musicians, Emiliana Torrini, Hanne Hukkelburg and Kaki King.
Certainly a memorable performance, when the two played together, the sum was more than its parts. We will miss Sabe much as she returns to Boston to continue college. I eagerly look forward to another concert from Lenka.

Her album can be purchased here.


Here is a video of one of the songs she played at the show:

Apparently, Lenka is quite well known internationally, performing in Europe’s largest cities, and her Wikipedia page even says she opened for The Rolling Stones. We were lucky to have her here, and in such a small intimate venue.
Sabe has not yet released a cd of her music, but when she does, you can be sure there will be a review here!

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