New York Shows, New video

I had a great time in NY. UCB improv 101 was fantastic and I enjoyed every class.

I also got to perform some standup comedy shows while I was in the city.

Here’s a new video, thanks Kill.

Thanks Kip for the show at Neon Dragon. Thanks Lydia and Shannon (my Improv instructors) as well as my class!

I had the opportunity to perform alongside Killy Dwyer, Rachel Blithe,  and the comics: Jaqi Furback, Emmy Blotnik, Jen Perney, Charles Gould, Nathan Anderson, Simeon Goodman, Justy Dodge and many more. I’m sorry I don’t remember all of your names, but its a busy city. I drew nearly everyone and handed out drawings to comics I saw and performed with. If you check out only one of those comics- look up Jaqi Furback, her observations are spot on, and her delivery kicks ass. Her website says “adorably cynical, just like life.” She claims her jokes about suicide notes saved a man on the edge.


Thanks for reading, my next show is The Great Cover Up, in Fairbanks AK, then some Clucking Blossom fund raiser, I will post drawings of bands from SXSW in a few days.



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