Taian and I perform the Moldy Peaches

Kimya Dawson is a hero of mine, A few weekends ago Taian and I performed three Moldy Peaches songs and an Adam Green song “Jessica.”

The Great Coverup is an old tradition in Alaska, started by Jeff Stepp, who brought it from Chicago. In past years I have played renditions of Elliot Smith, Soul Coughing, Queen, The Beastie Boys, They Might Be Giants, and Beck. With Paper Scissors, I played songs by The Flaming Lips, Michael Jackson, Phish, Screamin Jay Hawkins, and the Ghost Busters theme. Not to brag, but I’m sure I’ve played the Great Cover up more times than anyone else.

Its just another part of the Wonderful Fairbanks Music Scene. There were many fantastic performances this year and two shows, an all ages show in the Wood Center Ballroom, and a 21+ show at the pub. My friends in Not Enough Flannel even learned two different sets for the two shows, playing TMBG and Smash Mouth sets. NEF is hosting open mics on Wednesdays at the pub now, so you enterprising musicians and comics can do two open mics on Wednesdays provided they don’t mind you being comatose at work the next day. The Marlin also has Wednesday Open Mics that start around 10 pm.


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