Ava Luna, the Bundles, El ten Eleven, Great Lake Swimmers, Avalanche City, Geography, Built to Spill, Tycho, 2:54, The Horde and the Harem, Deerhoof, dark dark dark, Tasahi Miagi, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Cults, Daniel Johnston, The Purity Ring, R Steve Moore, Cavemen, Dinosaur Feathers

Clucking Blossom is the 19th. I play at 4 with Travis on drums.

then I go to anchorage to play the S lounge on the 25th and Trapper Creek the 26th.

In June I will have an “Isaac And friends” show, with Sabe, Bernie, and maybe Annie, a bright new face who plays blues!

Wow. I made a lot of drawings at SXSW and here are a few more of them. Let me just say a few words about these amazing bands.


Ava Luna was impressive, they are a funk/ soul band from Brooklyn. Several keyboard players, two female backup singers who sometimes take the lead and lots of energy. This band was off the hook.

El ten Eleven. I have listened to this band for years and it was fun to see them live, though they played only a few songs but they did play “my only swerving.” They are a 2 piece, drums and guitar, their guitarist plays a double neck and manipulates loop pedals. Great show.

The Bundles opened for Daniel Johnston and Built to Spill. I adore Jeff Lewis and he played his very touching and beautiful song about how you and time can make a trade. He also did his piece about the first occupy movement- the french revolution! It was awesome. He always suprises me with his creativity and warmth. Kimya Dawson was likewise compelling and fantastic. She brought me to tears with a song I haven’t heard before about how not all teachers and not all cops are mean! Don’t hate all cops just because one was mean and no one can be mean all the time like no one can be nice all the time. She had a beauty and grace about her in a live setting that didn’t come across on recordings and photographs.

Dark Dark Dark was such a touching show, verging on religious ceremony. Gorgeous vocals, and sometimes trumpet and clarinet. I can’t describe them other than touching, heartfelt folk from a full band. They are kinda like a female fronted version of Bower Birds. I love them.

Geography and Royal Teeth were opening for Fun, and both were much better than Fun! Geography was like a live version of radiohead’s Kid A, with an impassioned front man who had great range and a live electric cello going into dozens of pedals. Royal Teeth was just a crazy party of very attractive people, playing their hearts out and having a blast. They played pop, kinda like Mother Mother and Talking Heads.

Built To Spill was magic. They look like they could be carpenters and plumbers, gruff and tough old guys. They kicked ass, a wave of recognition flushed over the crowd as they began the first notes of “the plan.” It was transcendent.

I was bored by We Were Promised Jetpacks, they did not seem happy to be there. I have enjoyed their albums, but live they just stared at the floor and plowed through 10 songs without any smiles or charm. Deerhoof was not particularly interesting either, I think I would have liked them more if I had seen them eight years ago.

Tycho was atmospheric instrumental guitar rock like the old version of Thought Trade. Purity ring was fun to watch, combining electronica with a strange beautiful live show.

R Steve Moore played some wierd songs. His is among my favorite of the drawings. Daniel Johnston played only 2 songs, they were wild and rocking though. He shook and trembled as if he was extremely nervous, though that may be a part of a condition he has. It was fun to see him live and he certainly channeled a strange energy.

Cavemen and Dinosaur feathers were pop. I think they are both from Brooklyn. More from me later.

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