Screen Actor Legend: Audrey Hepburn

Screen Actor Legend: Audrey Hepburn

Daughter of a banker and a baroness
Audrey Ruston was destined for success
ballet school as a girl, modeling as a teen
but her voice was adorable and her eyes had a gleam
so she went to Hollywood to try to become a star
after “Roman Holiday,” we knew she’d go far
who is that adorable bright eyed doll?
in S”abrina”  she was the butler’s awkward daughter
“Funny Face” with Fred Astaire, could she be hotter?
perfect casting, what serendipity:
Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffanies”
in “My Fair Lady” she learned where the rain fell
in “Robin and Marion” shed again cast her spell
In her later life she devoted herself
to poor children, with UNICEF
then cancer took her in 1993
the whole world mourned the tragedy
Cutest face of all time? I’m glad to help you learn of
Screen actor legend: Audery Hepburn


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