Magic the Gathering cards I’d like to see.

Dear Wizards of the Coast. I would love a job designing or developing magic cards. It is the most beautiful, fun and challenging game I have ever played. I think about it too much. Thank you for the many years of enjoyment it has given me, and the friendships I have made through your game. If you want to hire me, send me an email or call.

– Isaac Paris

“We make do with what we have. It’s our will that determines our success, not our luck.” Argos Kos

Shouldn’t be too powerful if its costed at 4.

The other name for this was “Motley Assembly”

This would be good in Past In Flames combo decks… Bwah ha ha!

This would be fun in a Blue Red Artifact build with

Green gets a wrath of God?

signets and Trinket Mages.

What if a planeswalker had 2 ults? I really love the first ability, and the third references Ob Nixilus the original.

This would have lots of fun combos. It doesn’t work on creatures or planeswalkers though to prevent brokeness. oh it should say “non creature artifact” probably.

Combo with It that Betrays and Artizan of Kozilek! Would go great in Myr combo decks!

Well, what do you think? Post comments!

2 thoughts on “Magic the Gathering cards I’d like to see.

  1. tealefristoe says:

    Hey Isaac, did you know WOTC has done two reality show inspired designer contests? If you have a bunch of time, they’re worth reading. They might give you an idea of what Wizards is looking for, and they’re pretty entertaining too.

    Also, a program that’s quite good for making your own magic cards:

    • isaacparis says:

      Thanks! I found that site when I was looking for a program to make these cards, but it was a .exe file, and I work on a Mac. I’m sure the cards would look much prettier in that format, but I was trying to get the design across. I did read one of those, and I applied to the great designer search once.

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