Pink Martini

pink martini

Pink Martini played in Hering Auditorium! Am I a total music dweeb for admitting that tears streamed down my cheeks as this retro lounge/swing/salsa act played “Brazil” and “What’ll I Do?” (the Irving Berlin song made famous by Frank Sinatra).

It was literally a dream come true for such a fantastic band to come to my hometown. Thank you Fairbanks Concert Association! They also played popular originals “Sympathatique” and “Hey Eugene.” They were performing with China Forbes, their original vocalist. She and band leader Thomas Lauderdale exchanged some humorous banter and told us a bit about the history and story of some of the songs. I brought my nine year old son and even he enjoyed it. I saw a few middle aged ladies get up and dance in the aisle.
It was fun that they gave each member of the band a chance to shine with solos, the trombone player Robert Taylor had an especially sweet tone and fantastic articulation. Their Violin player could really smoke and he played a piece alone with Lauderdale supplying some accompaniment. Their performance was pitch perfect, I only wish we could have had a dance floor, and that they could have played another set just as long after a few drinks.

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