Off to SXSW

My album is in my hand and I’m off to SXSW. I will draw many bands and dance and I hope to give my album to promoters and smile and make a good impression. Ideally they will take the album home, listen to it and be impressed.

Don’t worry Alaska fans. I will be coming home and performing two shows that will be “cd release parties” for me- and the album will be freshly mastered and ready for your ear drums. The pub april 18 and the marlin april 19.
I want to thank JAMES for his patience and professionalism. I will recommend his studios to anyone else in town who wants to record. I hope my album will serve as a portfolio piece for him.
also thanks to all the musicians who played on the album listed below:

Drums: Travis Burrows
Cello: Sabe Flores
Vocals: Tai Trujillo
Trumpet: Luke Soren Neilsen
Electric Bass: Luke Ponchione
Standup Bass: Chazz Gist
Fiddle: Susie Hallinan, Heidi Brook
Electric Guitar: Craig Brookes
Backing Vocals, Foley: Amelia Cooper,
Eli Barry Garland, Kalee Mockridge,
Sarah Furman, Nick Meurlott,
Daniel Firmin

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