Paul Baribeau, Kimya Dawson, Dan Firmin, Joe Ransdell Green

I went to a lovely outdoor concert last night. It was at the Jack Townsend Point, where Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre has shows.


Paul Baribou

Paul Baribeau

Paul Baribeau. He sang sweetly about depression. Most of his songs seemed to be about growing up in Michigan. He reminded me of “Gregory Pepper and his Problems” because they both play catchy short songs.



Kimya Dawson

Kimya Dawson


Kimya Dawson


I was so glad she played “same shit/complicated” because it has a real sweet message that I love. “There are some mean teachers, but no one can be mean all the time, and no one can be nice all the time.” I was hoping she would play Loose Lips, “we won’t stop until somebody calls the cops, and then again we’ll start again and just pretend, nothing ever happened.” It was on the Juno soundtrack, so she might be sick of playing it by now. I can’t complain, she played a very intimate show with lots of personal stories and conversations with audience members. She is touring with her kid! Proving that it can be done.


Dan Firmin

Dan Firmin

Dan Firmin, to hear his music click here.



Joe Ransdell Green

Joe Ransdell Green

Another great opener wasJoe Ransdell Green. He will play at the Fair on August 2.



Thank you Nick Meurlott for bringing these fantastic, nationally touring acts here to Fairbanks, and thank you KSUA for organizing the show!

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