The VOODOO Organist

With eerie spooky songs about vampires, zombies and the coming apocalypse, the Voodoo Organist, aka Scott Wexton has been touring the states for 20 years. He decorated the stage with Tiki Tiki masks and played an hour+ set of fun dark music. I was impressed that he can make his drum machines stop suddenly and pick up again, really giving the feel of a live band while operating the bass pedals with his feet and playing the theremin with his right hand sometimes.

Voodoo organist, I salute you. (why wasn’t this show sponsored by voodoo doughnuts?” also, why doesnt he have voodoo dolls for merch? He has a shop called Hoodoo in Yucca Valley California which is advertized as a comic book store that sells exotica, ephemera and presumably voodoo dolls and tiki tiki decorations. I must go sometime.


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