Dengue Fever, Particle, Human Ottoman, The Aggrolites and more!

particleParticle is a dance Jam band from Los Angeles. Very Fun, for fans of The New Deal!

denguefever denguefever2 100_3722dengue3

Dengue Fever is one of the worst diseases, and best bands on the planet! check them out at Their guitar player plays a double necked guitar where one neck is a shamisen like instrument with very loose rubbery strings! They played such weIrd and beautiful music in Asian scales.


The Shivas are from Portland and they are going through a very chill phase, playing music very 60s inspired like Crushed Out and Beach House. I saw them in Austin years ago and  I like the new direction.

100_3727 The Aggrolites were SOOO Amazing. They had a lot of perky happy circus organ solos. That organ player is SICK. This band was so tight and they really rocked the Wow Hall.

pluto 100_3724  100_3733 The Human Ottoman, making truly accessible math rock. I love them.

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