THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS at Roseland, Portland, OR.

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It’s not every day you get to see your favorite band play live in front of you. For many, they will never get the chance at all. This band started the year I was born (1982) and I have tried to learn to play their songs since I was 13. I have sang their songs in my head for at least 18 years. TMBG played with Marty, Dan and Dan at Roseland Ballroom May 8. They played many old songs from Lincoln, Flood, and Factory Showroom. They even played the bizarre, “32 footsteps” and the Cub cover “New York City”

They also played some of my newer favorites “Answer,” “When you’ll die” “Can’t Keep Johnny Down” and of as a finale/encore the entirety of “Fingertips!” which is insane and a total delight. I was blissfully singing along “I walk along, darkened corridors!” What a great band! I heard that at a recent show John commented “this song is from the middle of our career, 2001.” and John responded, “uh, I think THIS is the middle of our career.” If so they would play another 33 years when they are 89 years old! Well, I hope I can see them again and that it will be as great a show as this was. My cup truly runneth over. I am so blessed to get to see artists of this caliber and talent. We live in a glorious age for live music and graphic novels and media arts of all kinds. i don’t know what to say except: “I’m not a real doctor but I am a real worm, I am an actual worm. I live like a worm and i like to play the drums.” “32 footsteps leading to the room where the paint doesn’t want to dry… 32 footsteps running down the road where the door reaches the sky”

I found this great article over at Spin. Its an interview where they recall what they can about the process of recording every one of their albums. There are also interviews at the Onion AV club where they discuss the writing process, how they work together, and The process of writing songs.

I think seeing them has really inspired me to make some music videos. I made some last year for my raps about screen actors, but they were only “half assed” attempts. I should challenge myself to really make animation and maybe make a video for some other artist than myself first.

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