Nellie McKay

I caught Nellie at The Shedd and her show was delightful.  I love her bravery for being a prominent performer with a powerful (if sarcastic) anti war, feminist message.100_3854

She played “The Dog Song” and “Mother of Pearl.” As well as covers from her new cd from artists as diverse as Frank Zappa, the Kinks, the Cyrkle, the Doors, The beatles and other more obscure 60s artists.


Here are a few of my drawings, I gave them to her and she was gracious and friendly. She told me Rufus Wainwright was her nemesis but I forgot to ask if she knew Jason Trachtenberg. She was flattered by the drawings and said she’d listen to my cd in the car driving between gigs with her mom! What a class act! (and what a goofy, charming smile!)

100_3853 100_3852 100_3851Regarding this drawing she said “ooh, I’m a ghost watching myself.” and she kept asking, “You drew these tonight? How?”

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