New cartoons.

I wanted to make some secular humanist/ atheist cartoons. How do you draw God? I could look at the classic Sistine Chapel style God with a long flowing beard… But I remember seeing God as a white faced blank slate guy in a throne who was HUGE in some Chick tracts. 

Here is my first draft of gods infinite angel production machine

And here is large and in color.

Then of course, we are going to get wierd. Here is Cthulhu in his first draft

Awkward to translate a landscape style composition into a short portrait style book.  I took away cthulu’s wings and made his mouth tentacles less pointy so he would have some semblance of “friendliness.” To achieve some level of darkness and messiness I splattered black paint and drew over darks with neon pastels.


Then of course, let’s see some other depictions of God, and what do they need?

Well, I hope it will make sense to you at a live show!thanks for looking!

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