Ruth Acuff, Merry Ellen Kirk and Caroline Bauer

Ruth plays a harp and writes beautiful, inspirational songs, about Love, loss, and the rugged endurance of ubiquitous weed Queen Anne’s Lace.


I especially liked “Dark Blue, Dark Green.” It, and every song on her EP “To The Moon,” seem to be about the passing of a close friend.  In her song, “Right Now,” she sings hopefully, ” Like a callus on a finger, over time it just makes you stronger, than if you had it, if you took it right now.  Put the time in, and the effort, you will find you get what you deserve.  You will find all truly right now. ” She told us the song is about her process of learning to play the harp, but you can apply it to anything you are trying to achieve.


photographers everywhere are waiting for the development of invisible microphones.

 Sometimes she achieves an ethereal mood through strumming, sometimes arpeggios, and of course, beautiful glissandos. Her music is available here. Though her recordings have overdubs of cello, voices, water sound effects  and even drums, I highly recommend you see her live. She had on her adorable merch table a handmade zine about her love of music, how she came to play the harp, and a bit about the mechanics of the instrument. It would be far too obvious to compare her to Joanna Newsom, so instead, I’ll say she reminds me at times of Enya, Bjork, and occasionally the indie pop sweetness of Sufjan Stevens, and Regina Spektor. 



Merry Ellen Kirk and Caroline Bauer also played. She released a new album and it has a very positive review here. It was a lovely evening of live, passionate music. Thank you Merry Ellen for sharing Ruth with us in Eugene! 


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