El Ten Eleven

 El Ten Eleven play complicated, shimmering, beautiful guitar based music. Using electronic drums the drummer can act as a bass player and add electronic noises. Using looping pedals and several guitars, some of whom have two necks, the guitarist can add layer upon layer of baroque melodies and embellishments. To say this band is deep would be an understatement. It’s best to say they are musician’s musicians.

If you know anything about double neck guitars, you’ll see that my illustration is inaccurate. Actually his bass is the bottom neck, and bass necks are longer. Also, he doesn’t have a fretless guitar neck on his double necked guitar- but I don’t care! I drew it! Notice I drew several hands to try and capture something about they way he composes and performs.

Maybe I’ll finish inking and coloring it someday. Here is a cool interview with Kristian Dunn and Tim Fogarty.

And here is their website.

People have lumped them into the same post rock genre as Battles and Tortoise. But they say they don’t listen to post rock! I think they sound sometimes like Ratatat. Great live show. It’s amazing that the guitarist has such control over timing and his pedals.

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