Jeffrey Lewis and Los bolts

Jeffrey played for us and shared his comics the day before thanksgiving at the wandering goat. It was a wonderful show. Mem and Brent were a very tight band, providing perfect back up vocals and patiently waiting for their turn to play even if Jeff sometimes does long poems and comic presentations that don’t involve them. Sometimes Jeff is doing a Leonard cohen/shel Silverstein/Woody Guthrie for the current generation (with a hearty dose of humor and existential dread) and sometimes it’s a complete freak out with a jammy wild improvisational style. Jeffrey Alexis is a national treasure. AND he makes comics too. Wow.

Here is a more expiramental version of a drawing…. and here are some kaleidoscopes I made with pixelmator. Now, I’m sure someday I’ll look back on this as a silly waste of time but by gosh I think they are fun now.

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