Eugene Laff Off 2021

For many years I have participated in Leigh Anne Jasheway’s Laff Off, one year I even came in 4th place. The above video is my jokes I cut to bring the 13 minutes down to 5 minutes. Below is the link to see everybody’s comedy. The show was live April 3 and it should be up for awhile. My film is a tad “experimental,” with puppets, costumes and bunnies!

you can click HERE to donate to Greenhill humane Society and watch the comedy show with many other great comics including Max Brockman, Terry Geil, Emilee Jackson, Mike Schwab, Magdalena Dice and More!

Here is another “newish” set: thanks a lot to Max Brockman and Bert Walpack who invited me to do this outdoor: “safer” socially distanced comedy show.

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