HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY EPISODE 1 and other sci fi radio shows

I have been doing some sound effects for plays for over 10 years now. At halloween in 2019 I did “war of the worlds at Umpqua Community college theatre dept. For 2020 we revived it on ZOOM. That got me thinking I could direct and produce a few more for fun and something to do during this period of quarantine.

So, here is a zoom revival of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: episode 1. If you’re a super fan you will notice some subtle ways we changed it. I’m so grateful to my cast: Helen Being, Clark Kent, Matt Bliss, Francis Pastorelle, Tamathy Howard, and Dana and Nick Price!

The cast for War of the Worlds was Jesika Barnes, Andrew Lanniohan, Joe Buford, Keith Fort, Chris Lyons, and Nakaela Hunt

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