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Some New videos!

“The Pun is Mightier than the Sword” If this book seems a lower quality than most of my work, I made some of these drawings as long as 10 years ago, and I honestly forget some of the jokes.

Its not New content, but these are old books I’ve never made a video for. Here they are!

“Secular Humanist Jokes”

Here are a few of my tributes to screen actor legends

Humphrey Bogart

Norma Shearer!


Audrey Hepburn


Bette Davis


More Movies are in the works. Who do you want to see a rap slideshow about?

Some Ideas I have for future videos are Tim Curry, Jack Nicholson, Jean Harlow, Vincent Price, Louise Brookes, and Madeline Kahn.

New content! “Science fiction authors” and “I want to go where you don’t need a bike lock”

Two cute new lofi music videos.

I’m working on recording another new/old song called “why do we have friends?”

It will be up soon. Stay safe in these scary times.

Sketchy the clown’s vaudeville showcase now has it’s own Facebook page

After four successful shows at Spectrum in Eugene, I decided to make a Facebook page for people to like so they can get notifications when I add a show.

This is the link to the next event, an all ages vaudeville showcase at vanilla jills!

Electronica jam band TAUK

This energetic band played a solid two hour set of long jammy songs with soaring guitars and atmospheric synths. Their drummer is fantastic, but there really is no weakest link in this competent nyc based fusion ensemble. check them out here:





This band puts showmanship first! Featuring members of VCR and “ari and her banjo” Glit kicks ass! They play mostly small house shows. Perhaps I drew that bass players head too large? Do you get how the shapes in the back of the drawing are huge letters spelling their name? Yeah, it doesn’t really work.

You can follow them on Instagram under the name “glitglitglit”

Olivia Awbrey

This excellent rock band played Sam Bonds, bringing touching songs against fascism. She named her album “fight or fight” as if there is no other option.

They are based in Portland, Or. Listen here.

Negativland (Mark Hosler)

Mark Hosler of Negativland came by Cowfish to play us an extended droning synth composition. Many of his pedals weren’t labeled, they must be customized. There were no samples with English words in this piece, and the music never stopped. I’d like to go to more experimental shows like this.

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Too Many Zooz

Too many zoos play “brass house.” It’s energetic and must be exhausting on the lungs for Leo Pellegrino (Baritone sax) Listen to them online here! This is music that makes you stop and say “what the #*^% am I listening to?”

I liked my rendering of the sax player in the back here but I got the drummers hand backwards and… ugh I just don’t like the composition as much. Maybe I’ll finish it someday.

I was very careful to capture the reflections off the brass instruments in a realistic way.

This Patch of Sky

For epic chugging orchestral shimmering post rock with cello and keyboards, look no further than Eugene’s “this patch of sky.”

Fooble the dragon

Dragons are real and magic is real. You can see Fooble perform kid’s shows and he will explain how he learned the ancient secrets and can help you realize your potential for magic. I saw them at Oregon Country Fair. They also perform at other events including faerie worlds.

Noah Mclain performed with many guests including JenUine the unicorn. Check out their website here.

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