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Mecca’s Object Afterlife at OSLP

OSLP in Eugene Oregon, ( more at or ) organize programs adults with disabilities and the general public, they have a gallery and work space at

309 W. 4th Ave, Suite 100
Eugene, OR 97401

They currently have an art show up of art from recycled materials. Each artist had a challenge to make a piece using some trash temporarily rescued from the landfill by Mecca. I am always so excited when new work reminds me of the aesthetic and spirit of Dadaism. Here are some photos of me and my partner visiting the gallery. We dressed up because my partner was recently crowned “Slug Queen” in Eugene and the art show asked them to judge a favorite piece. They chose the spaceship made out of recycled plastic. (the first piece here.) I highly recommend you check it out in person and see how detailed and creative these works are in person! Support local artists! #recycledmaterials #dada #dadaism #mixedmedia #collage

“Colony” By Philip K Dick

I’ve listened to hundreds of old radio shows, and this is one of my favorites. I recreated it with garageband.

Featured in the cast were Jon Deline, Nick Price, Michael Hanson, Jesika Barnes and Andrew Laniohan.

Sounds came from or Youtube or I made them myself. If you enjoyed this, try our my production of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or The War of the Worlds” I have more coming, so stay tuned if you enjoyed this!

Eugene Laff Off 2021

For many years I have participated in Leigh Anne Jasheway’s Laff Off, one year I even came in 4th place. The above video is my jokes I cut to bring the 13 minutes down to 5 minutes. Below is the link to see everybody’s comedy. The show was live April 3 and it should be up for awhile. My film is a tad “experimental,” with puppets, costumes and bunnies!

you can click HERE to donate to Greenhill humane Society and watch the comedy show with many other great comics including Max Brockman, Terry Geil, Emilee Jackson, Mike Schwab, Magdalena Dice and More!

Here is another “newish” set: thanks a lot to Max Brockman and Bert Walpack who invited me to do this outdoor: “safer” socially distanced comedy show.

HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY EPISODE 1 and other sci fi radio shows

I have been doing some sound effects for plays for over 10 years now. At halloween in 2019 I did “war of the worlds at Umpqua Community college theatre dept. For 2020 we revived it on ZOOM. That got me thinking I could direct and produce a few more for fun and something to do during this period of quarantine.

So, here is a zoom revival of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: episode 1. If you’re a super fan you will notice some subtle ways we changed it. I’m so grateful to my cast: Helen Being, Clark Kent, Matt Bliss, Francis Pastorelle, Tamathy Howard, and Dana and Nick Price!

The cast for War of the Worlds was Jesika Barnes, Andrew Lanniohan, Joe Buford, Keith Fort, Chris Lyons, and Nakaela Hunt

2020 Edward Gorey Ball

Edward Gorey Ball: 2020 virtual edition

Happy Halloween, thank you for tuning in.

When Spectrum reopens we will host burlesque, music, drag and comedy shows again. For now, we will produce virtual shows like this one. If you’d like to tip the production, donate $5, $10 or more to Isaac on PayPal:

You are free to tip the performers directly if you wish. 

Performers are

Tamathy wrote and directed “The Child” 

With Riley Christensen. With help from Xander Boosinger

Music credit : My Bubba & Elsa Sjunger Visor /Näckaspel/ Sing Swedish Songs

Miss buttons dances Burlesque and does circus arts at Old Nicks Pub.

Josephine D’Love dances with The Broadway review, and produces shows as Red Raven Follies

Jessica Kinser is an artist based in Springfield, Oregon.

“AudIT” a short film by Jon Deline. Jon Deline a comedian, actor, and clown based in Los Angeles.

Taylor Maiden produces her own shows as “Taylor Made Productions” and with The Broadway Review

Music credit: Bach cello suites

Nanci Mcdonald plays cello in “Baroque Betty” 

Performing “love potion #9” by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

Isaac Paris produces shows as “sketchy the clown”

Tawdry Hepburn dances burlesque and produces shows with Unveiled, Eugene’s Queer Burlesque

Artemis Sharpe juggles in various productions in Eugene and Portland

Music credit: “Your heart is as black as night” by Melody Gardot

Morgan Yarborough runs a website and newsletter “our own hands” discussing issues regarding the good death.

All sounds from or recorded by Isaac Paris

Betty Jaeger dances and sings with The High Step Society and Baroque Betty

Chryss Allaback teaches drama at Umpqua Community College

Check out her production of “War of the Worlds” here: 

Maliena Bitchcock hosts “Bitchtalk with Bitchcock” online and performs drag in Eugene Oregon .music credit: Dragula by Lissie

Tip them at venmo @Jammie.roberts-2 Or cashapp $bitchcock340

Beast of Eden is a sexy terrifying loud metal blues rockabilly band based in Eugene Oregon.

Nisha Calkins teaches cello at rise and shine cello studios.

For inquiries, to schedule a lesson, or talk Cello and music please email

Dandy Pie performs with various burlesque troupes including The Broadway Review and Scrumptious Scoundrels.

Lyr-a-deux feat. Zâla Runa and Agatha Angina 

they thank Yaps Seager for video and help.

Hocus Pocus Soundtrack for the music credit- Sarah’s Theme And Witch Attack by John Debney.

When in Eugene, visit Spectrum!

When in Cape cod: visit the Edward Gorey house!

Buy his merch at

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New Screen Actor Legends videos: Kathy Bates, Samuel L Jackson and Willem Dafoe

I hope you enjoy. who do you want me do to next? lately I’ve been focusing on stars who are still alive. Will I get sued?

Rotoscope Animation at BEAM 2020

I collaborated with dancer Dame Peaches Von Killingsworth, taking video of her dancing, and making rotoscope animations of those videos. music was provided by Jon Bellona and Jeremy Schropp of Harmonic Lab.

Every frame was hand painted watercolor.

Then in downtown Eugene on October 16, I projected the animation of her dancing, while she danced in front of it!

BEAM featured many other artists there presenting animation, dance, and art with digital lights. I was fascinated by the House of Strange Rituals and James Sartor, a pianist who played under a glowing cloud.

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Vincent Price and Tim Curry

Two new songs.

more on the way 🙂



Coming soon: Jack Nicholson and Kathy Bates.



Some New videos!

“The Pun is Mightier than the Sword” If this book seems a lower quality than most of my work, I made some of these drawings as long as 10 years ago, and I honestly forget some of the jokes.

Its not New content, but these are old books I’ve never made a video for. Here they are!

“Secular Humanist Jokes”

Here are a few of my tributes to screen actor legends

Humphrey Bogart

Norma Shearer!


Audrey Hepburn


Bette Davis


More Movies are in the works. Who do you want to see a rap slideshow about?

Some Ideas I have for future videos are Tim Curry, Jack Nicholson, Jean Harlow, Vincent Price, Louise Brookes, and Madeline Kahn.