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Olivia Awbrey

This excellent rock band played Sam Bonds, bringing touching songs against fascism. She named her album “fight or fight” as if there is no other option.

They are based in Portland, Or. Listen here.

Negativland (Mark Hosler)

Mark Hosler of Negativland came by Cowfish to play us an extended droning synth composition. Many of his pedals weren’t labeled, they must be customized. There were no samples with English words in this piece, and the music never stopped. I’d like to go to more experimental shows like this.

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Too Many Zooz

Too many zoos play “brass house.” It’s energetic and must be exhausting on the lungs for Leo Pellegrino (Baritone sax) Listen to them online here! This is music that makes you stop and say “what the #*^% am I listening to?”

I liked my rendering of the sax player in the back here but I got the drummers hand backwards and… ugh I just don’t like the composition as much. Maybe I’ll finish it someday.

I was very careful to capture the reflections off the brass instruments in a realistic way.

This Patch of Sky

For epic chugging orchestral shimmering post rock with cello and keyboards, look no further than Eugene’s “this patch of sky.”

Fooble the dragon

Dragons are real and magic is real. You can see Fooble perform kid’s shows and he will explain how he learned the ancient secrets and can help you realize your potential for magic. I saw them at Oregon Country Fair. They also perform at other events including faerie worlds.

Noah Mclain performed with many guests including JenUine the unicorn. Check out their website here.

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Mary Lambert and Mal Blum

Mary Lambert is an amazing talent. She received lots of attention when her vocals appeared on the top 40 hit “Same Love” by Macklemore but she writes her own songs and they kick ass! Her funny and heart wrenching songs such as “Lay your head down” will make you tear up and giggle. She says she loves Harry Potter, Sarah McLaughlin, and that cheese makes her cry and assault weapons are terrible and… well you just have to hear it.

Just listen to them and try not to burst into a smile! I’m not sure I’ve ever heard any song that captures what it’s like to be head over heels in love as well as “hang out with you.”

I first saw Mal Blum over ten years ago at open mics in New York such as at sidewalk cafe. I thought they were often the most talented person performing among many great acts. Their songs are touching and personal. Listen to them here.

Nellie McKay #2

Nellie played at the Wow Hall for us on an antique piano.

When I saw her last she was performing a musical she wrote about the trans man jazz band leader Billy Tipton. many of the songs were traditionals from the era when Billy was playing. There was lots of political humor and relevant comments on gender and race. Thank you Nellie for being so wonderful and feisty. Great backup band too!

Nellie glows and and she radiates talent and humor. Her cover choices are fascinating and delightfully reimagined and her originals are charming and quirky. I drew her years ago too! Check out this old post


Thick is three badass women from Brooklyn! Listen on bandcamp.

Woohoo! Go thick or go home!


Stovokor are from Portland, Oregon. They dress as Klingons, sing in Klingon, and have humorous stage banter. They told us we were honored to be in their audience and sang about honor and glory in battle. They are on Bandcamp and sometimes play in Washington and California at sci fi conventions.

I know the arms and guitars get to be confusing and messy, in my defense, a six member band is a challenge to fit on a single page.

It was fun to watercolor many shades of grey and black. I sprayed India ink on the bottom of the page.


A silly idea I had with my clown friend was a subscription based sad clown painting service. Here are some sad clowns I drew for this absurd project.