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Homer, AK, Holy Santos Gang, Bait and Tassel Burlesque

I have enjoyed some entertainment in Homer. After a successful comics workshop at the lovely Homer library, I went out for a night on the town and caught two shows. I made drawings of both. The Holy Santos Gang played at Kharacters. Solid rock/ country band with good musicianship.


I went across the street to Alice’s Champagne Palace. I was told their burlesque show was sold out, but I got in anyhow. I made drawings of some of the dancers. It was difficult as they were all dancing and it was quite dark. I would have liked to have drawn them all but some danced for only two minutes and some danced in the dark (a hula hooper with LED lights on her hula hoop.

burlesquehomer 100_2332 100_2333 100_2325
The costumes and dancing were fantastic. It was a good humored, fun show but contained little to no comedy. I like my burlesque to have a bit of sketch comedy, puns and innuendo but this was more “neo- burlesque.” I take that to mean- just dancing. There was some comedy in the elaborate costumes, including hairy goat legs for Pan, the only male dancer in the troupe- and Epona- who had a horse bottom attached to her back side and tramped around the stage. Here is Maple Sugar Mary after the show, holding my drawing of her as “Epona.”

Villainess was the hostess of the evening, and was quite friendly after the show. They have two more Friday shows still, I recommend it! Alices Champage Palace, Fridays in July – Bait and Tassel Burlesque presents “Pandora’s Box.”

Tonight is my show at the DOWN EAST. I will post photos of that and drawings of my opener Mike Fairman.

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