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We had a great time at NEWCON in Portland December 28. Miro was Peppermint Bulter, thank you Eric Lan for the costume. I was Lumpy Space Princess, thank you Angel Peger, and Andrew was BMO! Many people wanted our picture. It was so much fun going in costume, I think when I next go to a con, I’ll have to make a costume. Of course when I would ask people “what are you?” they said some obscure anime I had never heard of.

adventuretime2 100_2795 100_2782

This is Yume, check out her art here and her tumblr here. 

Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 9.12.19 PM

This is Alicia Check out her art here.


These were other people I drew. Girls started to ask if i would draw them next. This guy was super nice, he let Miro play his wii.

100_2786 100_2794




This girl said Oh, I’ve been going to con’s since I was 9 years old.” So has Miro, by coincidence… but maybe it was 8.

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