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Children’s Zoology report magazine covers.

At The Village School I did a lesson on graphic design for a zoology report. I suggested kids make exciting badges on their pages, and put titles in bubble lettering. Some students asked me for help drawing their animals, I never drew on their page, but drew the animal on a separate piece of paper, talking them through. I suggested they draw LARGE, in color and plan their pages in light pencil before doing their final draft.


Slideshow #1 student zoology covers (1)

The first drawings of Moose were made by me as an example. The next page is an Emu, Chicken, and Dolphin with exciting letters as examples of what their pages could look like. Drawing in chalk is a little difficult for me, but I like the challenge.

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Comics Class!

I am currently teaching a 6 week comics class an elementary school in Fairbanks Alaska!

I have these photographs of busy hands working:Image

I am planning a residency in a high school for April, and I have these dates confirmed for my march tour:

Redmond Library, March 26 at 6:30.  For ages 10 up. 
Downtown Bend Library, March 27 at 2 pm.  For ages 10 up.

I will be adding a date at a Portland library as well… (around march 22-24)

If you want me to come to your school or library and do my comics workshop let me know! You might have to get in touch with a PTA or something but we could make it happen. Here are some things kids have said about my workshop”Your comics class is awesome!” -10 year old.

“I’m so glad you are back, last time I looked forward to it all week!” -9 year old




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