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Eleven Eyes

Eugene’s funk pioneers Eleven Eyes tore it up at the hi fi music hall. Andy plays in Bustin Jeiber and the Cherry Poppin Daddies. He subbed in on sax and kicked all the asses!

Is it a weird coincidence that there is an anime named “11 Eyes?” 
 I have drawn them before check it out.


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Eleven Eyes and WIl Blades

Eugene’s best jam band! ELEVEN EYES


They opened for young Organist Wil Blades, who plays with Stanton Moore and Billy Martin and many many others! I made the error of spelling his name with two “l”s but I fixed it in the second drawing… colored pencils… nice tools.100_3586 100_3587

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This fun band reminded me of Paper Scissors… their keyboard player played funky clavs, wurlitzer and B3 sounds… They played “National Anthem” from Radiohead. A very impressive cover of “Sail” by Awolnation. I think that is an excellent song that is not excellent when performed by the original artist. They also played some original funky reggae. Their singer was so beautiful. A joy to listen to and a delight to draw. Great band. Eleven Eyes.┬áTheir website is not up to date. there are photos of people not in the band, no photos of Emily, and it says there is a turntable player (there wasn’t tonight) but oh well, websites can be hard to keep up to date. Their music is fast, funky, horny and fun. Reminds me of Ulu and Brazilian Girls. They had a guest “Uncle Nancy.” Who I saw years ago play with his band “The Family Jewels” in Oakland.

Here is a video!

I didn’t take it, but it shows a smidgeon of how awesome they are!

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