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Laura Gibson, Haifa

LAura Gibson played with Haifa at The Civic Center last week. Here are some drawings.

Laura Gibson played a wonderful show with songs that are timeless. Nothing in them gives away that they were written in the current or previous decade. She sang through an affected mic sometimes, giving her voice the tone of a trumpet. She played a nylon stringed guitar, and put it through some wild effects sometimes. I was very impressed with her multi-instrumentalist Sean, who acted as an entire rhythm section for her. I think shes kind of like Sufjan Stevens.

Here is a link to some music from her.



Haifa was great again as always, The amazingly talented Sam Heirrod has a dream team of musicians with him. This time with a tuba player named Charles. It’s like Beruit, meets hip hop, with some jazz and operatic signing from Rebeca File thrown in. Its nice to hear her originals such as “With Salt” given the full band treatment. They are playing at the UAF Botanical garden this summer.


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