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Red Elvises

They call themselves, “your favorite band.”   They have been called “LA’s best party band” and the highest paid wedding band in the Irkutsk peninsula.

It’s Igor and the Red Elvises! My brother and I listened to their music as children, watched the movie” six string samurai” and played Red Elvises albums on KSUA college radio.

The live show did not disappoint. “Bacon” and “Drinking with Jesus” were humorous new songs to me. Igor sang many old hits, including ” I wanna see you belly dance,” “Rocketman” and “Boogie on the Beach.” “Surfing in Siberia,” is the coolest arrangement of Miserlou I’ve ever heard. The girls Dregas and Dejah sang lead on several songs. I was excited to hear the April March hit, “Chick Habit.” Jasmin hits the drums hard and can fluidly switch between the surf rock beat and the disco rhythm.

The show was delightful, hilarious, and full of so much energy, sweat and animal print! Look at their website here.  







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