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High Step Society

High Step society is going on tour and they released a new album! They always bring the funk and pack the house when they play here in Eugene. They are playing San Francisco and LA and many other places. Here are two drawings I made of this fun, energetic electro swing band. This picture is from a Rebecca Connor “Solo” show she played at Sam Bonds.


this was one i sketched at old nicks. DSC_0965

I drew them over a year ago here.


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Betty and the Babes

What a delight to catch Bettreena Jaeger’s band: they released recordings as “Betty and the Boy” but the other night at Old Nick’s it was Betty and the Babes.

Her voice sometimes could remind someone of Joanna Newsome and Beth Gibbons. There are beautiful arrangements of the strings played by Michelle and Nanci. Wearing costumes as ghouls made it especially fun for me to draw. I was entranced by the music and delighted by the “Nightmare Before Christmas” cover, “Sally’s Song.” Cool Inks, and fun to use grey as a color. 

unnamed-9 01-23-21.jpgunnamed-8 01-23-21.jpgunnamed-7 01-23-21.jpg
As a fun bonus, I was playing with an app that lets me make kaleidoscopes out of my drawings 🙂

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Beast of Eden

Beast of Eden play dark rockabilly rock and roll. They performed alongside burlesque dancers at Old Nick’s!

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Jargon and Cambrian Explosion

Jargon is a garage rock band from Eugene. They mix it up by sampling familiar music sometimes but playing it live on their guitars and bass. They played a theremin without a volume antennae, just coming near it sometimes. 
Didn’t I make their lettering look awesome? Cambrian explosion is a drone noise sorcerer music post rock band from Portland. They also play a theremin. 

  I recall some of their songs had oriental and Egyptian sounding scales, and others had a very heavy dub sound like Dub Trio. I apolgize that this drawing is not up to snuff. This really isn’t as good as my usual stuff. For one thing. There is just a red square shape where a guy’s torso should be, the words are illegible and so much of the image is just filled in black. I’m sorry guys, I let you down.  I pledge to make the next 100 better.

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Mood Area 52

Eugene’s finest alt country tango hybrid: Mood Area 52.

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Red Elvises

They call themselves, “your favorite band.”   They have been called “LA’s best party band” and the highest paid wedding band in the Irkutsk peninsula.

It’s Igor and the Red Elvises! My brother and I listened to their music as children, watched the movie” six string samurai” and played Red Elvises albums on KSUA college radio.

The live show did not disappoint. “Bacon” and “Drinking with Jesus” were humorous new songs to me. Igor sang many old hits, including ” I wanna see you belly dance,” “Rocketman” and “Boogie on the Beach.” “Surfing in Siberia,” is the coolest arrangement of Miserlou I’ve ever heard. The girls Dregas and Dejah sang lead on several songs. I was excited to hear the April March hit, “Chick Habit.” Jasmin hits the drums hard and can fluidly switch between the surf rock beat and the disco rhythm.

The show was delightful, hilarious, and full of so much energy, sweat and animal print! Look at their website here.  







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Delirions at Old Nick’s

The delirions play authentic ska with a heavy dose of soul. They hail from Los Angeles, and brought some island sunshine up to us in Eugene. Quick transitions in tempo kept things perky. A highly electric show, with some instrumentals, some songs in Spanish, and some in English.

Check them out here.

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