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Jargon and Cambrian Explosion

Jargon is a garage rock band from Eugene. They mix it up by sampling familiar music sometimes but playing it live on their guitars and bass. They played a theremin without a volume antennae, just coming near it sometimes. 
Didn’t I make their lettering look awesome? Cambrian explosion is a drone noise sorcerer music post rock band from Portland. They also play a theremin. 

  I recall some of their songs had oriental and Egyptian sounding scales, and others had a very heavy dub sound like Dub Trio. I apolgize that this drawing is not up to snuff. This really isn’t as good as my usual stuff. For one thing. There is just a red square shape where a guy’s torso should be, the words are illegible and so much of the image is just filled in black. I’m sorry guys, I let you down.  I pledge to make the next 100 better.

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Crushed Out!

So this wicked cool band played in my neighborhood the other night. They are called “CRUSHED OUT” and they used to be called Boom chick.

 Moselle saw that I was drawing the previous band (Tango Alpha Tango) and said she drew too. I told her I came to see them and we talked a little about art and I helped her put her drums on the stage.


They are based in Brooklyn but tour the south and the west coast. Their album art and posters were exceptionally cool. Moselle does all the art, I think. She was an art student, now she’s a kickass drummer. She said “the critics all say, you sing like Patti Smith meets Neil Young, and I say thanks, but that’s my husband, not me.”Image


What did they sound like? Well, its fun and a little child like- the White Stripes comes to mind. Also the Velvet Underground. They call themselves Honkey Tonk Surf Rock. They play a kooky, energetic style of garage rock. Very short songs, and played a few covers, Bo Diddley, the Ventures, it was all very fun. I was impressed, if they come to your town, RUN to see them play! Lovely people, beautiful music. And their videos online are very similar to their live show. Their album is free to stream here. its awesome. Image




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