Jargon and Cambrian Explosion

Jargon is a garage rock band from Eugene. They mix it up by sampling familiar music sometimes but playing it live on their guitars and bass. They played a theremin without a volume antennae, just coming near it sometimes. 
Didn’t I make their lettering look awesome? Cambrian explosion is a drone noise sorcerer music post rock band from Portland. They also play a theremin. 

  I recall some of their songs had oriental and Egyptian sounding scales, and others had a very heavy dub sound like Dub Trio. I apolgize that this drawing is not up to snuff. This really isn’t as good as my usual stuff. For one thing. There is just a red square shape where a guy’s torso should be, the words are illegible and so much of the image is just filled in black. I’m sorry guys, I let you down.  I pledge to make the next 100 better.

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