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High Step Society

High Step society is going on tour and they released a new album!¬†They always bring the funk and pack the house when they play here in Eugene. They are playing San Francisco and LA and many other places. Here are two drawings I made of this fun, energetic electro swing band. This picture is from a Rebecca Connor “Solo” show she played at Sam Bonds.


this was one i sketched at old nicks. DSC_0965

I drew them over a year ago here.


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Sadiqua Iman

Sadiqua is a sex therapist, bulesque dancer performance artist I saw at Bumbershoot! Her show was compelling, about arousal and gender fluidity, with the occasional audience interaction. It was amazing hearing her sing the children’s songs she learned on the playground growing up in Seattle. They were highly sexualized. At the beginning of her show she was wearing a goatee, and by the end she had shed her clothes. She is on twitter!

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Eleinvaders played Hi-Fi Lounge jan 8.they bring some swing and ska grooves into the jam band sound. There were some real cool ‘call and response’ riffs between the clarinet and the guitar. When they said, “this songs about paradise, that turns out to not be so great.” “I said, hey I saw that Star Trek…and that Twilight Zone!”


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