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SXSW was a total blast, new comics event added!

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Portland Independent Publishing Resource Center March 24 2 to 4pm. All ages, there will be a zine workshop simultaneously conducted by someone else.

Redmond Library, March 26 at 6:30. For ages 10 up.
Downtown Bend Library, March 27 at 2 pm. For ages 10 up.

I am also playing a show for 21+ at the Horned Hand in Bend Oregon on March 28. Isaac Pierce and Silvero are playing with me! EXCITING!

I am looking for shows in portland, if you know of somewhere I could play, send me a message.
I had a great time at SXSW. I will post more after the experience has settled a bit and I can scan my drawings.

I drew these and 30+ other bands at SXSW. I will post more in time, I am too busy in Portland.

Marit Larsen

A sweet voice and a talented backing band. It was a delight to hear her play live. I especially liked the minimalist sound of her percussion player. She didn’t need a full kit, but provided a beat that complemented the music while singing and playing the occasional glockenspiel melody.

her song “If a song could get me you” was her first big radio hit and its available on spotify. She said a secret tip she got from Joni Mitchell was to put the word “radio” in your song. It was a cuter story when she told it.

This might be going off on a tangent, but I do believe that there is some truth to the idea of lyrics that musicians repeat over and over again finding a way into the collective consciousnes, and influencing people. A song I have thought carries much weight is that one by Hank Williams (family tradition) in which he sings “why do you drink? why do you roll smoke? Why must you live out the songs that you wrote?”
It’s part of what makes “I wanna be a billionare so ***ing bad” obnoxious to me, and why I get sick to my stomach when that awful song about domestic abuse comes on the radio. Millions of teen girls sing along as Eminem angrily barks, “If she ever tries to ****in’ leave again, I’ma tie her to the bed and set this house on fire.”
Uh, thats not cool Eminem. Its called murder, please don’t lead young women to think thats romance and young men to think that’s acceptable. I get sick of hearing lyrics I can understand, so thats why i listen to portuguese and french music so much!

Nubes en mi Casa

Nubes enmicasa

Ok, lets do a 180 and discuss this charming band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their album is free on Spotify and its a joy from beginning to end. I would call it shoe gaze in Spanish. Josephina, the songwriter told me she is influenced by PJ Harvey, The Beatles and Beach House. I have always loved pop music from other countries, sung in languages I do not understand. This album reminds me a bit of Pato Fu. Gentle guitars, shimmering synths and Josephina’s dreamy voice dripping with reverb are at their best on “Cuerpo.”
We had a brief conversation about what it is like to be an “indie band in Argentina” and their experience coming to Austin, TX. They said they would be willing to do an email interview with me. I havent done that for awhile, but I really enjoyed my interviews with Yakuza Heart Attack and Roz Raskin and the Rice Cakes (both available here on this blog, of course).


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