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Larry and His Flask, Barney McClure Combo, with Greta Metassa, Naked Men, Pj Franco and the Burnouts

The talented, delightful Naked Men! featuring members of Not enough Flannel and Eating For Two. I think I’m getting better at drawing faces that are on the chubby side in a cute and flattering way. Someday I’ll draw a sax right.

Here is the wonderfully zany anarchistic PJ Franco and the Burnouts. They are raising money via kickstarter, to fund their lower 48 tour. They are playing on the warped tour!  They are amazingly fun and funny.

Here is Barney McClure combo with the fantastic Greta Metassa.(vocals) Clipper Anderson, (bass) Brad Boal,  (drums) Brad Dutz, (percussion) Keith Karns (trumpet). Greta did lot sof fun vocalese and improvisational hula hoops with her voice. It was especially delightful when she sang along with her husband Clipper. Clipper is one of the best bass players I have ever seen. Brad Dutz got many chuckles from the audience with his creative percussion. Fantastic band-

And here is Larry and his Flask. This was a difficult drawing because the performers were moving about so much and so fast, and the audience was the sweatiest, wildest, nakedest, moshiest group in the smallest space I’ve ever seen- but some of the drawings are ok. They played amazing rock and roll on banjo and guitars. wit ha stand up bass. The mics didn’t work sometimes, but it didn’t matter because the room was so small, we could hear everyone anyway. When they picked up a trumpet and trombone and played tight- almost mariachi style melodies it was a glorious moment indeed! I can’t imagine this band being any better. What a show! Like Avett Brothers or Old Crow Medicine Show- turned up to 11- catchy,  not too harsh, they can definitely play their instruments well, and sing in key,  truly a high energy show for all ages to enjoy (except for a few “fuck cancer!” lyrics)

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