Anime I have ejoyed recently, Retro gaming.

puni puni poemy
Is a parody of the “magic girl” manga genre- it is pretty absurd. I watched it last night with Andrew. I think this would be Salvador Dali‘s favorite anime, with lots of sexual imagery, bondage, and fan service.
FLCL or Fooli Cooli
I am a little late to the party, but this is very good/ surreal.  It changes styles in art direction constantly- which reminds me of David Mack, one friend said it reminded him of David Lynch– I though it reminded me of the Gorillaz music videos. I believe  Scott Pilgrim is influenced by FLCL and the production crew of Avatar were forced by their director to watch every episode.
AVATAR is amazing, if you like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars,  Bone, or any other epic story/ fable/ myth, and have an interest in kung fu this is your show! it has great character development- snappy, fresh funny dialog and constant plot twists and unexpected turns. Like Pixar films, it is truly aimed at all audiences, my 5 year old loves it (even if he doesn’t understand all the political intrigue), 13 year old jaded teens could love this, adults can love this.

I have been playing a few video games and i wanted to recommend a few to pals on facebook.
My brother downloaded “Braid” for x box 360 and its very fun and challenging. I have found most of the puzzle pieces so you can ask me for help. I think its just 10 dollars on xbox arcade and its a great twist on the classic Mario style side scrolling platformer. you cant die!! because you can go BACK IN TIME!! You need to come up with very creative solutions to puzzles.

also Castle Crashers
A fun 4 player side scrolling fighting game, where you get to level up your characters. The art style is cartoony and fun, reminds me of the Powerpuff Girls. Its fun to max out your magic and whoop ass, with 3 friends, its like old school Double Dragon– or like TMNT, Sunset Riders or the Simpsons arcade game. remember that shit???

I love those games and I hope the new games in the style of old retro games trend continues! I played a little of Mega Man 9 and dear god it was so hard! long live retro gaming!

and kind of related-
the animation of Paul Robertson
here is his blog
this is a link to his film “kings of power 4 billion %
the most outrageous and postmodern thing I have ever seen.
It is not for the faint of heart- it is ultraviolent and insane- a visual equivalent of squarepusher. much religious iconography, pop culture references and its all in adorable pixel animation. very surreal, and highly recommended for fans of mega man cut scenes and anything Japanese.

My book is coming along. I recently drew pages for Jane Addams, Eugene Debs and Ron Paul. I am considering a page on David Lynch.

In my research I am finding some villains who sought to oppress free speech, maybe this book will necessitate a sequel that will feature Anthony Comstock, Lynden Johnson, and Richard Nixon.

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