Back From San Fransisco, Caligari, CB, circuit bending.

I had a really nice visit to San Fransisco and had a great time putting in two weeks at the Synapse Institute. I have a heart full of love for Katie and Gigi and all the students. I taught lessons in dance, music, improv, drawing, costumes design, and sculpture. WE put together a show for their parents with a lesson that trash is NOT part of the food chain, and we all can contribute to cleaning up the trash in the ocean. WE also made cool T shirts, I put a spanish dancer on mine.

I also got a chance to see some great bands in Sanfransisco and some excellent plays in Berkely.

I saw Uncle Nancy and the Family Jewels, who had a great flute player and a Shredding Cello player named Yoko. The Squirrel Nut Zippers can still bring down the house, I am so glad I got to catch them.

I also stumbled into the Berkeley Earth Day celebrations, met the cool folks at Good Joe T shirts. I was very impressed by how kind and friendly the people of Berkeley are. I caught THe Lieutenant of Innishmore” at Berkely Rep and “City of Angels,” a Student production at the university of California Berkeley. Both were great shows.

But what am I doing lately? I composed music for Caligari: ALaska at Theatre UAF> this is the last show for ANatoly, after a career of 15+ years at the university. The SDA was kind enough to give me an award for “BEST sound Design” and I heard compliments from everyone who saw the show. Molly Proue wrote “Paris’ score is at once fun and slightly eerie, creating a mystical and slightly vaudevillian backdrop for the action on stage The music, combined wit inspired lighting and video graphic selections and well executed choreography, allows the audience to more truly enter the dream/hallucinatory world of Dr. Caligari.”

Thanks Molly!

Coming up is MAY30- Clucking Blossom 5! the schedule will soon be finalized. I am playing here with my violin player Jennifer Harmon.

I am working on Shadow puppets to accompany my friends in WORK (a trick of the sea). Dinosaurs, sea monsters, rockets, knights and unheard of creatures, all in silhouette.

The show where I will debut them is next saturday (16) at 10 pm at the marlin, with THE BRINE, Worst band in Fairbanks, and Thought Trade.

I had a Circuit bending Workshop with some teens at Effie Cochrine. We are having another on Tuesday at 3:15. There will be another at Clucking Blossom itself, May 30 at Birch Hill Ski Recreation area.s

Today I am off to draw comics at the cartoon Kablooey at the literacy Council with Jamie Smith.

Later tonight I play with Ground Squirrel Improv at College Coffeehouse. I will also lay accordion backing up my friend Greg in “Black Flowers, Black Sun” I don’t know if there will be time for me to perform original material, and I don’t have much of a voice anyway  as I am sick. (Not that my singing voice is particularly sweet when I am NOT sick…)

Other things coming up, my friend Cassidy is planning a concert to raise funds for Teenagers in need at Fairbanks Counseling and Adoption. I will probably be playing in that, I might play a experimental noise set opening for the scurvies in their last shows in Fairbanks… I will be playing as a part of Rachel Blackwell’s Burlesque show.. more information on that as it comes along.

New Star trek was good. I am totally taking Miro.


in the political arena… Dierdre has turned me on to wikileak. I am sure i am very late to the party.

this article made my eyes open wide

It is about how Obama decried the treatment of Enemy Combatants, and is purging the term – but basically still reserving the right to treat people as enemy combatants- not giving them human rights or formally charging them with crimes.
I will be contributing to an upcoming issue of the Ester Republic, I am writing an article about Sibel Edmonds and my interview with her.

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