Clucking Blossom 8

I worked for hours on this, thank you Claire and Emilia, who helped immensely.

Clucking Blossom 8 has come and gone and it was a wonderful day, with memorable performances and sunny weather.

Again I brought a kiddy pool and filled it with corn starch for toddler’s enjoyment. I played a set at 5:00 with Amelia and Luke from Eating For Two. I also gave a performance of “Punned down in Cold Blood” my silly collection of puns

Some of the highlights were a Reunion of sorts of the BaCuntry Bruthers, with Amanda Bent of Jazz Farm joining on bass. Bucktoof was absent, but Huck and emit took turns playing drums with their feet while playing banjo or guitar. Huck gave us a debut of her fiddling skills on a song she called “Dog found a rabbit, was gone a long time.”

“Annie where the Sun don’t shine” played their kooky version of blues. Eli and Megan have played for years as “Not Enough Flannel,” but as a back up band for Juneau’s Annie Bartholomew and her enchanting voice.

We were blessed with the presence of two Anchorage bands: PJ Franco and the Burnouts and Pretty Birds that Kill. Both put on exciting and noisy shows.

Here are most of the drawings I made. I should have acquired model release forms for everybody, I suppose. If you have a problem with your image being on my website, let me know. I am available to make drawings at your event.

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