Upcoming shows, Jeffrey Lewis Trapper Creek, May 2012

Upcoming shows: Laura Gibson, playing two shows – she’s a multi instrumentalist from portland- I haven’t seen her before, June 1st at the pub and 2nd at the Alaska Land Civic Center (known as Pioneer Park civic center to people who arrived here in the 2000s)

I’m playing a show on the 15th with several of my favorite local songwriters. I hope to have a full band at this show, and my cellist will be playing with me because she will be back from boston. Ryan Bateman, Sabe Flores, Emily Anderson, Hannah Corral and Luke Nielson are all invited to play a few songs

June 25th I am playing at the downtown Fair in lovely downtown Fairbanks.

June 29 and 30th : Jeff lewis is coming to play and he’s one of my heroes.


This is just one of his many amazing songs. To assign some adjectives to Jeffrey Lewis: intellectual, wordy, self reflective and deep- like a modern Phil Ochs or Shel Silverstein, and he makes comics. What if Tom Leherer had been a sociologist and a  commented on the 90s/2000s indie scene  instead of been a Math professor and commented on 60s politics. My friend Chris Green is unveiling a mural (that I helped a little on) and I will be presenting comic performances at that show too.

I am not playing Angry Young and Poor, but I am playing the Fair in August and the August Trapper Creek.

Here are drawings I made at Trapper Creek.

Green Tara played a set with Goat Rodeo backing her up, it was Awesome! 

One thought on “Upcoming shows, Jeffrey Lewis Trapper Creek, May 2012

  1. Mickey says:

    Nice drawings, Isaac Looks as if it might have been cold in trapper creek but – fun

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