Terrible Buttons.

One might question if it is wise to have the word “terrible” in your name, but this band sounds pretty amazing. Their lead singer’s voice is rough, low and gravelly, like a Tom Waits/Man Man thing. They have a player who supplies trumpet and trombone, and another who adds sweet layers with a violin. There is a slow, groovy New Orleans vibe to it. Songs were often complex arrangements, with multiple slow parts, sometimes making me wish they would just play a regular predictable chorus/ verse style song. The album art and song topics can sometimes beat you over the head with “misery sorrow!” I liked it when the band let loose and had more fun; they did so on their closer, a rollicking singalong tribute to whiskey and marijuana.Their keyboard player, Sarah has some pipes on her as well. When she howled “I gave my life to science” on an epic Blues song; we were all convinced this band rocks. She picks up the accordion sometimes and provides more textures. Its great when she joins in on vocals with Kent. We thank them for driving up their 7 member band to play at the Marlin, and I recommend you catch them if they come to your town.


For fans of Drug Rug, Man Man, Blackbird Raum

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