Norma Shearer, Haute Couture!

Oh she was gorgeous, Norma Shearer. I recently saw her in “The divorcee,” “A Free Soul” and “Marie Antoinette.” If you like old movies, check these out!


Here is a piece I worked on last summer, just getting around to posting it now. Why hasn’t anyone offered me a job on a children’s television show yet?

Haute Couture

Haute couture, Haute couture
where style is demure
and fashion is pure
trace it back a century through time
just say no to the assembly line
wear your clothes, know this for sure
haute coture is always made to order.

Charles Fredrick Worth emigrated to France
started out making drapes before he made any pants
his dresses were all the rage in the 1870s
used the finest silks, spared no amenities
soon people traveled to Paris just to get fitted
cheap and plain were completely omitted
brought attention to outlines, removed excessive ruffles
so go ahead and eat those bonbons and truffles
hedonsits should be comfortable, no room for pain
helped defined the demimondaine
he designed for Austrian princesses and Cora Pearl
Sarah Bernhardt, most famous actress in the world
first to put on labels, to dispel doubt and rumors
before him there were no celebrity costumers

(more than just a Morissey song)

Christian Dior, Christian Dior, world war 2 its Christian Dior
while other rich folk fled France for their lives
he put clothes on german general’s wives
you can hate the nazis but admit they had flair
please but don’t shoot the fashion designer!
inspired heavily by flowers and nature
helped make the torso popular
give the rich what they deserve
his dresses tended to emphasize curves
thank him for costuming the soubrette
and wow he could emphasize a silouhuette

Coco Chanel in 1910
brought modernism to the world of fashion
she worked with unbridled passion
casual elegance was the rule of the game
now perfumes and handbags carry her name
first a night club singer, then a modiste
in 1910 opened her first boutique
slept with some of the worlds most famous men
like igor stranvinsky (rite of spring)
uncompromising, refused to marry, go to hell
“there are many wives but only one Chanel”
she took charge in a men’s world
not bad for a little girl from Saumur
in 1943 she was arrested as a spy
controversial its true, a victim of the times?
dress for success, dress to impress
Thank Coco Channel for the little black dress

(more than just a They Might Be Giants song) Did you know that the character of Edna Mode in “The Incredibles” was based on Edith Head?

haute couture,
let me give you a tour
put it on the cover,
don’t be obscure
if your a fashion lover
emphasize allure
you cant get more pure than
haute couture!
trace it back a century through time
just say no to the assembly line
creative entrepreneur to ensure
haute coture is always made to order

Edith Head would be sittin back grinnin
costumed three generations of beautiful women
known for wearing dark glasses
and tricking out celebrity asses
and hosting awesome soirees
with a wicked display and a kickass buffet
her stitches graced the world’s most famous hips
so think of her when your licking your lips

designed costumes in black and white for film
but transitioned to color gracefully
hugely influential on everybody
dressed marlene deitrich and grace kelly
ginger rogers and peggy lee
rita hayworth and hedy lamarr
audrey hepburn, elisabeth taylor
natalie wood tippi hedren
katherine hepburn sophia loren
patricia neal and doris day
won an academy award for Roman Holiday

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