Drew 35+ kids at Halloween Carnival,

This past weekend I drew kids in their Halloween costumes at Watershed School. Kids kept lining up and insisting I draw their friends. I was still there long after the other booths had closed.
Many parents thanked me and asked if they could tip me. I just said, if you can find me a job drawing like this, thats how you can pay me back.

Later that night I did a comedy show at the Hub, with special guests Erik Hernandez and Brian. Then the band “Pocket Change” closed out the night. It was a fun time, and not the last of the year, I hope.

I often draw people and give them the drawings, casually asking, “If you have time, you could photograph it and email it back to me.” Heather, one of the many friendly employees at my local Comic Shop actually did it, here is her portrait and a comic I drew for her on her last day at work. This requires a little explanation.

Alice is a 4(?) year old girl who is often at the shop on Friday night as her father is playing Magic: The Gathering. She is hilarious and I have tried drawing comics with her being the creative lead, inspired by “Axe Cop.” I asked another employee Liz, is there anything Heather is known for? and Liz replied, “She’s clumsy and falls down a lot.”

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