Terrible Buttons at the Marlin

Last night I got to see Spokane, WA’s Terrible ButtonsImage Terrible Buttons.

You would probably guess the age of this singer is over 50 from an initial listen.With a gravely voice and a 7 piece band we could make instant comparisons to Philedelphia’s Man Man. The band also sings about the Devil and Jesus, and tend to have a dour, dark outlook in their songs. I heard passages that reminded me of Vampire Weekend and The Police when their guitarist is given free reign with gorgeous palm muted arpeggios as on “Mother’s Milk.” The band rarely sounds joyful, or as if they are having fun, but I guess that’s not the point.  If that sounds too critical, I am confidant that these songs will make a compelling album. A crazy terrifying circus cabaret. We could think of the Buttons as a melancholy version of Phox.  It is a special treat to have trumpet, french horn and fiddle added onto the standard rock quintet. Sarah’s vocals help soften the mood and when she is given the chance to sing lead she knocks it out of the park, on the bluesy “I gave my Brain away to Science.” (Actually titled “Bought for a Song.”) The band has several free songs on their bandcamp page.


They play May 10 and 11 at the Marlin with the Young Fangs.

It will be fun. Then they tour all over this crazy state.

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