In the studio: Currently Unknown Future Classics

Here we are in the Studio recording “Bloody Benders”

The whole album is available here on a “pay what you want or stream for free” deal.

isaac marquee
It has 11 original songs, some of which I have played for years, some are brand spankin new. Some have words, some have none. Some feature fantastic guest musicians, some are just me! All were lovingly mixed by James Bartlett and I over the course of three painstaking months.

Trumpet: Luke Soren Neilsen
Fiddle: Susie Hallinan, Heidi Brook
Cello: Sabe Flores
Standup Bass: Chazz Gist
Drums: Travis Burrows
with a choir consisting of:
Amelia Cooper, Eli Barry-Garland,
Sarah Durman, Daniel Firmin, Nick Meurlott, Kaylee Mockridge,
Luke Soren Nielsen, Tai Trujillo.


Engineered at Sunnyside Studios, Fairbanks Alaska
Engineer: James Bartlett
Mixed by Isaac Paris
and James Bartlett
Mastered at Grey City
by Harris Newman
Words and Music copyright Isaac Paris 2013. (soloists arranged their own parts)

Travis Burrows (Thought Trade)

Travis Burrows (Thought Trade)

Photo by James Bartlett

Photo by James Bartlett

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