Bend show, Horned Hand with Silvero and Isaac Pierce, plus ALPACAS!

I played a show in Bend Oregon March 28. I had a great time. Callie, is the bartender, booker and owner of the Horned Hand.

She was super cool. I urge us all to support independent venues! Feeding Frenzy and Brandon Reid played here, as does Larry and His Flask.


I tried something kind of new at this show, which was to force an unsuspecting audience member to be the one who delivers my punchlines. I think its fun. The volunteer’s name was Gage, and he was quite embarrassed at some of the things I had him say. In these pics you can see the impromptu comedy team and the weird wacky decorations at the venue.

The Horned Hand!

The Horned Hand!

Me and a volunteer telling jokes at the horned hand

Me and a volunteer telling jokes at the horned hand

He was a trouper! I think I’ll do this at all my shows now. That’s what makes it an “awkward situation.”



Silvero played as the headliner, and they didn’t disappoint. I have listened to their album hundreds of times and the songs were played quite faithfully. They have a new bass player who lives in Portland, and has to travel when they play, so we were fortunate to have him late at night on a Thursday. They killed it with their own blend of garage, psychedelia and proggy blues crooned and howled by Nella Diesel. Jim and James play the guitar and the drums…

Some of the Silvero songs are 9 or 11 minute pieces, with three or four separate planned parts that aren’t verses or choruses. After the show we discussed bands that play LONG songs, and they had some recommendations for me. I have to look up: Wolves In the Throne Room, Sick Alps, and Sleep. Of course I know Silver Mt. Zion and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. I listened to “Lift your Skinny Fists like antennae to the heavens” on my plane ride home. What a beautiful song! A 22 minute expression of fury and joy! I really wish i could see and draw them someday. a little research turned up Sleep’s “Dopesmoker” on Spotify. It is an hour long song that had to be recorded in 4 takes because the tapes were only 22 minutes long. Wow.  


Isaac Pierce

Isaac Pierce

Opening Act was Isaac Pierce. I gave his album a listen before hand, but was really impressed with his solo act. He delivers his songs with a passion, it isn’t easy to understand him, but he gives the impression that every thing he says is terribly important. He reminded me of Built To Spill, Pavement, or Karate. I wish him and Fey well on their travels. He is based in Portland and sometimes plays with a full band.


During my set I said something like “if any of you would like a drawing, come see me after the show. I’ll draw any of you for tips. I like to say that when I play crowds smaller than 200.” This time I actually got two people to come get drawings, they told me about zombie makeup and things to do in town.

A cutie at the Horned hand

A cutie at the Horned hand


As a special bonus, I drove around the old Redmond Highway and drew horses, donkeys and Alpacas! Which are basically a sheep-giraffe that some people confuse for a furry llama. I definately think they were inspirational to George Lucas for his Taun Taun designs and if you strapped a brown one with a bandolier it would resemble Chewbacca.


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