Kan Wakan and Mother Falcon

KAN WAKAN kicked ass at Cozmic pizza. Their epic shimmering, glamorous and dark 80s-influenced pop was gorgeous and the sound was done so well.

100_3514 100_3512100_3513

Mother Falcon played a tight set, they had 10 members present, and played a dozen beautiful songs.


I liked the pained expressions of joy on the drummers face. Also extra points because his name is Isaac.

100_3519Their cellist/mandolin player might have remembered me drawing them at SXSW.



Here’s to the current trend of chamber pop! It would be a blast to bring them to Alaska someday. According to their site, they sometimes have “rock camps,” like Cello Fury! COOL! If they come near you, please go see them. It will tug your heartstrings and enliven your sensibilities!


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