New Woodcut… A tribute to Taylor Maiden

100_3695 100_3694 100_3696

As I have been working on this, I have been nervous because I am so scared that I will slip my v gouge, mess up some detail on her face and just Fudge the whole thing.   I will post when its all finished 🙂 This is some of the process. Should the poppy be dark or light? should I carve away background or leave it filled in? Even a two color piece has thousands of decisions to make. Woodcuts are fun 🙂 Whenever I make a portrait of a friend, or someone I find attractive, I fear revealing it to them:they might not like it! It might be that moment from “Napoleon Dynamite”

“It took me a half an hour to do the shading on your upper lip. It’s probably my best drawing ever.”

I intricately change small details in the face, its like surgery… I hope I don’t take away too much, working with just a v gouge, a u gouge and some sand paper to smudge away rough edges in the hopes of creating shading…


Basically, i take a little off, print it, take a little more off, sand it, hope i didn’t take too much, print it again.100_3701

carve a little more away,  and voila:

100_3705I could make one for you! Wedding announcements? trading cards?


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